Daily Challenge
R5 🇺🇸 New England
Daily Challenge
RX S1600 🇬🇧 Silverstone
Delta Daily
H1 FWD 🇦🇺 Monaro
Weekly Challenge
H3 RWD 🇺🇸 New England
Weekly Challenge
NR4/R4 🇦🇷 Catamarca Province
Monthly Challenge
H2 RWD 🇦🇷 Catamarca Province 🇦🇺 Monaro 🇵🇱 Łęczna County 🇺🇸 New England
Monthly Challenge
Group A 🇳🇿 Hawkes Bay 🇵🇱 Łęczna County 🇦🇷 Catamarca Province
DiRTy Dailies
R5 🇺🇸 New England
GRF Daily
Up to 2000cc 4WD 🇺🇸 New England
DiRTy Monthlies
R5 🇩🇪 Baumholder
DiRTy Weeklies
H2 RWD 🇲🇨 Monte Carlo
GRF 1-Shot Weekly
Group A 🇦🇷 Catamarca Province
GRF Special
Up to 2000cc 4WD 🇵🇱 Łęczna County
GRF Championship
F2 Kit Car 🇩🇪 Baumholder

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Transportation icons created by Andrejs Kirma - Flaticon
Joystick icons created by Nsu Rabo Elijah - Flaticon